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Diving on La Digue Island

Come discover the magic and wonder of Scuba Diving off of La Digue Island, Seychelles

Diving off La Digue Island, SeychellesLa Digue Island Seychelles is a Scuba Diver’s dream, with crystalline and calm waters, colorful coral reefs, granitic underwater landscapes and an abundance of fish and marine species. What’s more, the islands convenient location means that its perfect for reaching mid-sea dive sites or other nearby islands.

For visitors wishing to discover Seychelles’ underwater paradise, then this is the place to come!
Minimal currents, abundant fish, colourful corals and an above average chance of seeing large pelagics (such as manta rays, turtles, and whale sharks) make this a top dive travel destination. And, did you know that Seychelles has four marine national parks, and more than 150 species of tropical reef fish have been identified!

Whether your an experienced diver or beginner looking to get qualified, boasting excellent diving in spectacular surroundings, La Digue island Seychelles is a great place to do so. La Digue is home to various PADI dive centres where you can do a introductory course to Scuba diving and get qualified, build on your certification with advanced courses, or simply book a diving adventure. Come dive in paradise, come diving on La Digue!

 Some of the best dive sites around La Digue:
One of the better known sites in this area, a series of huge granite boulders surround the small island and drop down in dramatic vertical walls and swim-throughs. The series of protected gullies and bays are home to a prolific fish population including Stingrays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Napoleon wrasse and reef sharks and are also visited by turtles.
These rocks are located mid-channel between Praslin and La Digue and provide a magnet for fish and invertebrate life amid their corals. A series of interesting gullies and holes provide ample shelter to protect not only the shoals of smaller reef fish, but also the larger groupers and snappers.
Here a long granite back stone supports an impressive coral reef, where Moorish Idols, Parrotfish and Surgeonfish swim along Turtles and schools of Eagle Ray. Look out for the beautiful Anemones hosting pairs of Clownfish. The gentle current makes this an excellent site for drift dives.
The gentle drift along the side of the island can reveal several giant stingray and Nutrice shark. Humphead Parrotfish glide past, unconcerned by the presence of divers. Several species of large grouper can also be found, hiding under overhangs and in holes.
Here a long granite backbone supports an impressive coral reef which has become the hunting ground of several small reef sharks. The end of the reef has a series of interesting caves and swim-throughs which harbour a diversity of the shyer fish species.
A circular granite formation adorned with corals with swim throughs and crevices to explore. An ideal location for finding Bumphead parrotfish, Hawksbill turtles and schooling Eagle rays. Small stingrays and white tip sharks sleep under the corals and rocks.
 Did you know, that when you book with us we’ll send you our free eBook “Your Guide to La Digue Island, Seychelles” filled with useful information, including a list of recommended Dive Centres on La Digue 

Diving off La Digue Island, Seychelles
There are also some great dive spots a little further away from La Digue, yet close enough to explore on a day trip, such as Grand Soeur, West Sister Rock, East Sister Bank, Albatros, Lost City, Shark Rock & Cayman Rocks, Pate Blanc Chiminee, Amoujie Mamon, Red Point, Coral Garden, St.Pierre Island and South Félicité. You will find more information about these and more in our “Free Guide to La Digue Island” ebook.

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Welcome to La Digue – a unique island experience unlike any other in the Seychelles Archipelago, where time moves slow and the pace of life is truly ‘Island Style.’ Lakaz Safran Guesthouse is a 100% Seychellois owned and operated establishment situated in La Passe village – the heart of La Digue Island, Seychelles. A two minute walk from the ferry, here you’ll find comfortable and stylish Bed and Breakfast lodgings, marked by the famous Seychellois hospitality and centrally located to a host of shops, restaurants and attractions. Come discover the magic of La Digue Island, come stay at Lakaz Safran!

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