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Beaches on La Digue Island, Seychelles

Visit some of the World’s Best Beaches – on La Digue Island, Seychelles

Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_Seychelles_MapLa Digue Island, Seychelles – a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean with all the makings of a dream island getaway! Here some of the best beaches in the world can be found – in fact, in 2015 two of the beaches on La Digue made CNN’s “Top 25 Beaches in the World” list, and our very own Grande Anse took the number one spot! With its powdery white sand, azure blue waters and lush tropical vegetation, La Digue truly is a slice of paradise on Earth!
But not all beaches are the same – some offer giant granitic landscapes and others offer miles of virgin beaches, some offer calm shallow waters perfect for snorkeling on the reefs, while others offer the waves that draw surfers from around the world to our little island. Below is a list of most of the beaches you’ll find on La Digue (You can also click this map to see more)


 Favourite Beaches on La Digue


 Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_SeychellesAnse Source d’ Argent
Arguably the most photographed beach in the world, and the most popular beach on La Digue. Giant granite boulders punctuate white sands and shallow crystal waters and make for unforgettable scenery. In 2015, this beach made CNN’s list of ‘Top 25 Beaches in the World.’ Although the most crowded beach on La Digue, it is definitely worth a visit even just to see this amazing place for yourself. There is also a beach-side restaurant where you can stop for some lunch or a refreshing beverage.


Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_Seychelles_Grande_AnseGrande Anse
Not as popular as Anse Source d’ Argent (or as crowded), this wide, sandy beach came in at number one on CNN’s list of ‘Top 25 Beaches in the World,’ meaning it is definitely worth adding to your list of things to do when you visit La Digue! Soft white sand and lush vegetation make for a a great setting, and this great beach on La Digue has no reef so waves crash onto the beach, and this is a popular spot for surfers. (Be careful swimming during rough seas though, as currents can be strong at times)

 Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_Seychelles_Petite_AnsePetite Anse
Petite Anse is situated just next to Grand Anse and offers a very similar experience – however, it is only accessible by foot along a path found at the Eastern end of Grande Anse, making it a lot less crowded and a more isolated spot for those adventurous enough to explore a little further. If isolation and more of a deserted island feeling are what you are looking for, then we definitely recommend putting in that little bit of extra effort to get to this great beach on La Digue.

Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_Seychelles_Anse_CocoAnse Coco
The next beach on from Anse Petite is Anse Coco – an even less crowded and more isolated beach on La Digue.  Once again, a path (found about 1/3 along Grand Anse’s stretch of sand) and a 30 minute walk will reward you with your own slice of paradise. Anse Coco, although similar to Grande and Petite Anse, has the added beauty of giant granitic boulders similar to those found on Anse Source d’Argent. Also there is an area safe for swimming in a natural pool formed by these rocks. This coupled with its isolation, make this a great choice for those looking for beach on La Digue away from the tourists.

Best_beaches_on_La_Digue_Island_SeychellesAnse Patates
Found on the north-eastern coast of La Digue, Anse Patates is a beach on La Digue that is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. Giant boulders and lush vegetation blend with white sand and turquoise sea to make for beautiful scenery. Another beach, Anse Gaulette is close by so you could tick both of them off your list of beaches on La Digue to visit in one go.


Other Great Beaches on La Digue

Located close to La Passe Village, Anse Severe is convenient if you are staying in the area and perfect if you are looking for a quick sunbathe or swim and don’t want to venture to far from your hotel. Despite its location, this pretty little beach remains uncrowded, and the soft sand is perfect to relax on, and the colourful fish and corals make for a great place to swim/snorkel.
Anse Reunion, the closest beach to the the village of La Passe and the heart of life on La Digue, may not be the most beautiful beach on the island, but it’s the perfect place for a quick swim or walk if you’re staying close by and a pretty good place to watch the sunset. In fact, Anse Reunion is right out front from Lakaz Safran, so its quick and easy for you to visit anytime.
This hidden gem located at the Southern tip of the island is a great place to escape the crowds and find some solitude. This untouched beach can only be reached by foot, keeping the crowds away and keeping it pristine. You can reach it from either Anse Source d’Argent or Grande Anse, however we don’t recommend attempting to find it without a guide as the paths are unmarked and can be treacherous to the navigate without knowing where to go. But if you do make it there, you will not be disappointed! [When you stay with us, chat to our friendly staff and we can arrange a guide for you.]
Anse Union is on the L’Union Estate, so you will need to pay the entrance fee to access this beach, so it’s only worth it if you are visiting the historical attractions of the estate or going to Anse Source d’ Argent. However, on your way back, this is great little beach to stop at to rest a bit or take a dip in the ocean to cool off after the trek from Anse Source d’Argent or exploring the grounds of the estate before leaving. The beach is isolated and uncrowded, and there are the remains of an old boat building operation right there that add to the rustic charm and back-in-time fell of this secret little beach on La Digue.  

Anse Pierrot, located on the south-west of La Digue and only accessible by a footpath from Anse Source d’Argent, is a great way to escape the crowds on its more popular neighbour. Here, powdery white sands and calm, safe waters make for an idyllic location, and the nearby restaurant serves up local cuisine and ice-cold refreshments
Anse Gaulette is located in the north, is not the prettiest or most ideal swimming beach on La Digue. However, it is definitely worth a visit for its long stretch of soft, white sands perfect for a long walk, as well as its exquisite views of La Digues’ neghbouring islands of Félicité and Marianne. Anse Patates and Anse Grosse Roche are nearby.
Anse Bonnet Carré, located on the north-west coast, is another ‘secret’ beach on La Digue, and is kept private by the fact that there is no road or foot path access to it – you have to climb over boulders and through bushes, or wait for the low tide, and walk there from Anse Pierrot. For those adventurous enough to make the trek, you’ll be rewarded with powdery white sand and warm, soothing water which is ideal for swimming and probably the beach all to yourself!
Anse Banane and Anse Fourmis are the last two beaches on the north-east road. Both over a wild and rugged sensation with beautiful scenery. It’s definitely worth making the trek this far, not just to see the beaches, but to experience this section of the island and this coast’s furthest inhabitants. There is also a café serving light snacks and beverages so you can refuel before turning around and heading back to La Passe.


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