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Welcome to La Digue – a unique island experience unlike any other in the Seychelles Archipelago, where time moves slow and the pace of life is truly ‘Island Style.’  

 La Digue Island, Seychelles – a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean with all the makings of a dream island getaway. Here the oxcart, bicycle and walking are the main modes of transport and the island is small enough to get by without cars – adding to the idyllic nature of Seychelles’ favoured destination! Home to some of the world’s best beaches, lush tropical forests and crystalline waters, La Digue truly is a slice of paradise on Earth!
“La Digue Island Seychelles, the small island with big things to offer –  from stunning palm-fringed beaches, lush forests, tropical waters, rare wildlife, a languid pace of life  and an off-the-beaten-track feel that will have you wishing you’d stayed longer. . .”

Did you know? That in 2015, two of La Digue’s beaches – Grande Anse and Anse Source d’Argent – were named in CNN’s top 25 beaches in the world. And the overall winner – Our very own Grand Anse, took the number 1 spot!

More about La Digue Island, Seychelles:

Things to doFrom visiting the world’s best beaches to exploring the lush tropical forests and many cultural attractions, there is plenty to see and do on La Digue Island, Seychelles. Step offshore and snorkel in the calm, clear waters, or head a little further for PADI certified scuba diving or deep sea fishing excursions. Dine at the many local or hotel restaurants, be pampered at a spa, take a day tour excursion to one of the nearby islands or simply hop on a bicycle and explore the island. To find out more, visit our “Things to do on La Digue” page, click here.
Getting_to_La_Digue_Island_SeychellesThe country’s national airline, Air Seychelles, as well as other major international carriers have regular flights to Seychelles’ main island of Mahé. From there you will need to catch a ferry to La Digue island (via Praslin – 1 Hour + 15 Minutes), or a domestic flight to Praslin Island ( 15 Minutes), a taxi to the port (5 Minutes) and then a ferry to La Digue Island (15 Minutes). Once you arrive at the La Passe jetty on La Digue, one of our representatives will meet you, and La Kaz Safran is only about 50 metres away.
Climate_and_Waether_on_La_Digue_Island_SeychellesEscape the cold and come enjoy sunny days and warm nights on La Digue Island. The Seychelles in general have warm temperatures throughout the year and maintain a constant range of between 24 °C (75 °F) and 32 °C (90 °F) and the nights do not get too much colder than that. On La Digue, rainfall can be quite heavy, but it usually lasts for one hour or less. There is most rainfall from October to March,  and the least rainfall in July.
Eating Out on La DigueHere’s your chance to discover the delicious flavours and tastes of Seychelles Creole Cuisine! Breakfast comes included in your room booking, so you can headed out and enjoy La Digue Island. For lunch and dinner there is a selection of places to eat out, from local restaurants to highend hotel eateries. When you book with us you’ll recieve our free “Guide to La Digue Island” with a a list of recommended restaurants, and you can also visit our ‘Restaurants and Eating Out on La Digue’ post by clicking here
  Weddings_Honeymoons_and_Romance_on_La_Digue_Island_SeychellesWhether your are getting married, on honeymoon or just looking for a dream getaway with your special someone, you’ll find plenty of romance on La Digue Island, Seychelles. You’ll easily find a little slice of apardise for just the two of you, to share a day secluded in bliss. From breathtaking sunsets, romantic dinners and relaxing couple spa therapies, La Digue is a lovers paradise. 

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